HNH48 - Water technology

Course specification
Course titleWater technology
Study programme
Lecturer (for classes)
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
Lecturer/Associate (for OTC)
    ConditionFor attendance: Thermodynamics, for exam: Phisical Chemistry I ;Облик условљености
    The goalGaining knowledge on water treatment processes, which will enable processes management and design of sistems for the water treatment.
    The outcomeStudents understand the theoretical principles and practical aspects of water treatment. They are able to design the systems for water treatment according to water quality parameters and control the operation of the system. ; ;
    Contents of lecturesPhisico-chemical properties of water, quality parameters of natural and waste water, hydrology fundamentals, use of natural water, water recipients self-cleaning, gravity separation, coagulation and flocculation, filtration, adsorption, removal of inorganic compounds from water, aeration, membrane filtration, oxidation, desinfection, anaerobic and aerobic biological treatment.
    Contents of exercisesCoagulation and flocculation (jar test), filtration, removal of inorganic compounds from water, quality parameters determination. Visits to plants for water treatment.
    1. Interni materijal Katedre za NHT (Original title)
    2. S.Gaćeša, M.Klašnja, Tehnologija vode i otpadnih voda, Jugoslovensko udruženje pivara, Beograd, 1994. (Original title)
    3. L.Knežić, J.Baras, N.Blagojević, M.Mitrović, Obrada otpadnih voda, I deo – Mehanički i fizičko-hemijski postupci, Savez hemičara i tehnologa Srbije, Beograd, 1980. (Original title)
    4. Degremon, Tehnika prečišćavanja voda (prevod), Građevinska knjiga, Beograd, 1976 (Original title)
    5. J.C.Crittenden, R.R.Trussell, D.W.Hand, K.J.Howe, G.Tchobanoglous, Water Treatment: Principles and Design, John Wiley & Sons. Inc. 2005. (Original title)
    Number of hours per week during the semester/trimester/year
    LecturesExercisesOTCStudy and ResearchOther classes
    Methods of teachingLectures (presentation), practical lessons, visits to plants for water treatment.
    Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
    Pre obligationsPointsFinal examPoints
    Activites during lecturesTest paper50
    Practical lessons25Oral examination