HFI411 - Unit operations in pharmaceutical engineering

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Course titleUnit operations in pharmaceutical engineering
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    ConditionMechanical operations, Heat transfer operations, Mass transfer operationsОблик условљености
    The goalThe goal of course is that student learns more about unit operations widely used in pharmaceutical industry, learns basic principles and calculations of these operations and realize how to use literature.
    The outcomeStudent will be capable to select and use appropriate unit operations in the process in the pharmaceutical industry. Student learns to establish momentum, heat and mass balances for the basic unit operations and to do basic equipment design.
    Contents of lecturesSpecific unit operations in pharmaceutical industry. Working under the clean and sterile conditions. Particles characterization. Grinding and sieving of particles. Powders mixing. Mixing and homogenization of liquids. Mixing in the fluidized beds. Filtration and sedimentation. Membrane filtration and ultrafiltration. Heat transfer in the mixing vessels. Vacuum evaporation. Liquid–liquid extraction. Solid–liquid extraction. Crystallization. Chromatography – preparative. Drying and lyophilization. Immobilization, encapsulation and controlled release.
    Contents of exercisesProblem solving. Lab exercise.
    1. Jalšenjak I., Jalšenjak V., Filipović-Grčić J., Farmaceutika, Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 1998 (Original title)
    2. Cvijović S., Bošković-Vragolović N., Pjanović R., Difuzione operacije-zadaci sa izvodima iz teorije, Akademska misao, Beograd, 2007 (Original title)
    3. Duduković A., Osnove i operacije prenosa mase, Akademska misao, Beograd, 2008. (Original title)
    4. Grbavčić Ž., Neautorizovane skripte - Disperzni sistemi (Original title)
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    Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
    Pre obligationsPointsFinal examPoints
    Activites during lecturesTest paper30
    Practical lessonsOral examination