D2TT - Physical and instrumental methods in metrology of textile materials

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Course titlePhysical and instrumental methods in metrology of textile materials
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      The goalThe objective of thе course is tо provide students with a series of actual information related to the application of contemporary physical and instrumental methods in the metrology of textile materials as well as to deepen the knowledge from this field gained in previous stages of the study.
      The outcomeStudents will develop a critical attitude and the ability of correct and purposeful approach to the selection of appropriate measurement techniques for adequate characterization of the properties of textile raw materials and products as well as for the reliable control of the procedure to improve their quality.
      Contents of lecturesThe course introduces students with a variety of physical and instrumental methods and devices that are used for characterization of the properties of textile materials. The course includes a broad range of contemporary measuring techniques starting from methods for the characterization of certain properties of textile materials up to the multi-function measuring systems. The course includes study of the following testing methods: determining the mechanical properties of textile materials, determining the resistance of textile materials to the effects of different types of external forces, determining the friction and abrasion characteristics, determining the electrical and thermal properties of textile materials. Infrared spectroscopic technique, techniques of thermal analysis (DSC, TGA), optical and electron microscopy, laser applications in the metrology of textile materials as well as multi-function measuring instruments are also considered in the scope of the course.
      Contents of exercises/
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      6. Appropriate literature from scientific journals and from Internet.
      7. Odgovarajuća literatura iz naučnih časopisa i sa interneta. (Original title)
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