D134 - Electrochemical protection of metals against corrosion

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Course titleElectrochemical protection of metals against corrosion
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      ConditionОблик условљености
      The goal1. Introducing students to the various types of metal corrosion and the influence of external and internal factors on the kinetics and mechanism of corrosion process ; 2. Acquisition of basic knowledge necessary for understanding, implementation and design of different corrosion protection systems in practice. ; ;
      The outcomeStudent has mastered the basic principles of electrochemical corrosion protection of metals as well as the principles of designing of anodic and cathodic protection of industrial equipment and metallic constructions in practice
      Contents of lectures1) Thermodynamic and kinetics aspects of chemical and electrochemical corrosion of metals, ; 2) Galvanic corrosion and the theory of microgalvanic cells. ; 3) Basic principles and design of cathodic protection with protectors. ; 4) Basic principles and design of impressed current systems and numerical calculation of current and potential distributions. ; 5) Theory of electrochemical passivation of metals ; 6) The theoretical basis and design of anodic protection systems. ; 7) Anodic, cathodic and inhibitors of the genaral types. ; ;
      Contents of exercises
      1. O.L.Riggs, Jr. C.E.Locke, Anodic Protection, Plenum Press, New York, 1981.
      2. K.Nisancioglu, Principles of Corrosion Protection, Univeristy of Trondheim, NTH, Trondheim, 1990
      3. L.L.Shreir, CORROSION, Newnes-Butterworths, London, 1977 (odabrana poglavlja)
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