14TET32 - Nonwoven Fabrics

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Course titleNonwoven Fabrics
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    ConditionPassed an exam: Textile Materials.Облик условљености
    The goalThe aim of this course is to introduce students to the types, characteristics, and application of the most important types of nonwoven fabrics as well as to acquire the fundamental knowledge about contemporary procedures of the production of nonwoven fabrics.
    The outcomeStudents are trained to determine the basic parameters of the production of various kinds of nonwoven fabrics. They are also able to work in the domain of the industrial production of nonwovens.
    Contents of lecturesThe course provides knowledge in the field of the production of nonwoven fabrics. The course includes the following teaching units: types, importance and application of nonwoven fabrics, raw materials and binders for the production of nonwoven fabrics, technological processes of web formation (dry-lay process (carding, aerodynamic), wet-lay process, extrusion process, other methods of web formation), technological processes of web bonding (mechanical, chemical, thermal), finishing of nonwovens, obtaining textile materials with other unconventional techniques (textile floor covering with pile and laminated textile materials), testing and evaluating the quality of nonwoven fabrics.
    Contents of exercisesPractical lessons include: calculation of the technological parameters of web formation using carding process, calculation of the production of machines for needling and machines for loop formation processes, determination of some physico-mechanical and sorption properties of nonwoven fabrics, introducing students with the technological processes of the production of nonwoven fabrics in manufacturing plants.
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    Activites during lecturesTest paper
    Practical lessons15Oral examination70