14MZH11 - Selected Chapters of Physics of Materials

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Course titleSelected Chapters of Physics of Materials
Study programmeMaterial Engineering
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      The goalStudents are introduced to the physical processes in novel materials. Necessity of modern physics theories for study of material properties is also demonstrated.
      The outcomeStudents are capable of mathematically modeling the physical phenomena in materials.
      Contents of lecturesThermal properties of materials - Electric and heat conductivity of materials. Phonons. Contact phenomena. Conductive and thermal properties of materials. Classification of conductors and its applications. Quasi one-dimensional conductors. Dielectric properties of materials - Classification and applications of dielectrics. Relation between macroscopic and microscopic parameters of dielectrics. Polarizability theory. Magnetic properties of materials - classification of magnetics and its applications. Weak and strong magnetization. Macroscopic structure of magnetics. Superconductivity. Phenomenological theories. Microscopic (BCS) theory. Josephson junctions and applications. Low and high temperature superconductivity.
      Contents of exercises
      1. Callister W., Material Science and Engineering – An Introduction, John Wiley&Sons, New York 1997.
      2. Smith W., Principles of Materials and Engineering, MC Graw Hill Book Company Inc., New York 1989.
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