14MMI2 - Theory and processes of combustion

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Course titleTheory and processes of combustion
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalTo teach students about the types of fuels and their properties. Fuel optimal composition for a given process. Modelling optimal fuel combustion conditions.
    The outcomeBasic knowledge for the subjects at further semesters and levels of studies. Posiiblities for independently calculate and model the basic parameters that define the fuel. Determination of combustion conditions with calculation of the combustion temperature to coordinate the work of furnaces and process parameters.
    Contents of lecturesI FUELS Clasification, Solid, liquid and gassous fuels. Washing of coal. Dalorific value determination and calculation ; II COMBUSTION. General principles of Combustion, Combustion of solid, liquid and gass fules.Types of combustion processess , Combustion calculations, Material and energetic balance of process ofcombustion. Gas analysis. Combustion control and optimization Flame characteristics . Flame temperatures of fuel. Different methods for calulation flame temperature. Predicion of flame temperature using H-T diagrams. Products of combustion analysis in order to prevent air pollution. ; III. Processes of combustion as sourse for pollution. Toksical produtsc of combustion. Sorses of toksical products in fuels and combustion. Possibilities of emision of toksical products. ;
    Contents of exercises
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