14MHEI3 - Metallic coatings-selected topics

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Course titleMetallic coatings-selected topics
Study programmeChemical engineering
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      The goalLearning deposition regimes in plating of metallic coatings and their influence on the properties of deposited coatings. ; Acquiring theoretical background in metal surface modification by deposition of alloy coatings. ; Application of the theoretical and experimental skills in depositing and analyzing systems of practical importance. ; Learning modern methods of coating deposition. ;
      The outcomeStudent acquired the basic knowledge of types and characteristics of deposition regimes. Student learnt to propose the type of plating regime and its parameters depending on the desired coating property. ; Student is able to perform calculations in galvanization, as well as plating by different plating methods, depending on the size, shape and desired properties of the coatings. ; Student acquired necessary background for deposition of decorative and protective coatings, as well as alloy coatings deposition. ;
      Contents of lectures• Electrochemical deposition of metallic coatings (galvanostatic and potentiostatic deposition, deposition by periodically changing currents). ; • Electrochemical deposition of bright metallic coatings. ; • Electrochemical deposition under diffusion control (deposition of powders). ; • The metal surface modification by alloy deposition. ; • Electroless deposition. Modern methods of metallic coatings deposition (vacuum deposition, laser deposition, ...). ; • Determination of corrosion stability of metallic coatings. ;
      Contents of exercises• The metal surface pretreatment prior to metallic coatings deposition. Metal coating deposition. ; • Deposition by periodically changing currents. ; • Deposition of bright metallic coatings. ; • Powder deposition. ;
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      2. M.Paunovic, M.Schlesinger, "Fundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition", J. Wiley, 1998.
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