14IIM316 - Powder metallurgy

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Course titlePowder metallurgy
Study programmeMaterial Engineering
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      ConditionNoОблик условљености
      The goalIntroduction to the basic principles of the science of sintering, the impact of the process of synthesis on structure and properties of sintered materials. Acquiring engineering knowledge required for independent performing engineering calculations of parameters for obtaining various types of powders and sinters, introduction of experimental techniques and independent research, control and governance of processes in sinter metallurgy, further training in the field of powder metallurgy, design, technology and environmental protection.
      The outcomeCourse provides necessary knowledge for understanding process of powder metallurgy, enables students that with minimal research, through modeling and simulation of the sintering process define new technologies and methods for obtaining material with predicted properties. Providing engineering knowledge necessary for further teaching and experimental activities in a field of obtaining special powders and composites, powder recycling and environmental protection.
      Contents of lecturesReview and clasification of technologies in powder metallurgy. Characterization of metal powders. Basic characteristics of individual particles. Basic characteristics of powders. Densification of powders by shaping and compacting, process parameters, quality of compacted samples. Sintering of metal powders. Mechanisms, structures and properties. Sintering in the solid phase. Sintering in the liquid phase. Activated sintering. Problems of the sintered products. Consolidation of powders at higher temperatures. Additional technological operations for quality improvements of sinters. Materials and products of sinter metallurgy. Economy of sinter metallurgy. Recycling of hard metals. Recycling of waste dusts from industrial facilities in order to obtain a fine powder. The principles of environmental protection in the field of powder metallurgy.
      Contents of exercisesCalculations of composition of metal powders mixtures, mass balances in technological schemes in process of obtaining powders and sinters. Introduction to the processes and equipment, methods of characterization of metal powders and sinters. Visit to Sinter a.d. and Woxal ltd.
      1. M. Mitkov, D. Božić, Z. Vujović:Metalurgija praha, MBG, Beograd, 1988. (Original title)
      2. B.Đurković, D. Đurković: Metalurgija retkih metala, TMF Beograd, 1991. (Original title)
      3. I.Belić, Z.Aćimović-Pavlović: Tehnologija izrade delova od metalnog praha, Savez inženjera metalurgije Srbije, Beograd 2007. (Original title)
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      LecturesExercisesOTCStudy and ResearchOther classes
      Methods of teachingTheoretical classes and lectures, practical lectures in laboratory. Seminar paper.
      Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
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      Activites during lectures15Test paper55
      Practical lessons15Oral examination