14IIM22 - Ceramic materials

Course specification
Course titleCeramic materials
Study programmeMaterial Engineering
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    ConditionFor attendance: General chemistry I, Technical physics I; for exam: Fundamentals of materials engineeringОблик условљености
    The goalGoal of the course is to provide students with knowledge about the dependence between structure, properties, processing and applications of ceramic materials. On the basis of studying the structure and properties of ceramic materials student should learn about the specifics of ceramic materials and physico-chemical processes which lead to the formation of the final microstructure of ceramic products.
    The outcomeGaining knowledge about structure and properties of ceramic materials, which enable active learning of the following courses in the field of inorganic non-metallic materials. Students gain knowledge and skills which are necessary for the understanding of the principles of science and engineering of ceramic materials.
    Contents of lecturesClassification, types and properties of ceramic materials; fundamentals of ceramic materials processing; rules for ceramic structures formation; structures on the basis of face-centered cubic; structure on the basis of hexagonal close packed; structure of silicate materials; structure of glass and glass-ceramics; pont defects; materials behaviour on curved surfaces; equilibrium phase distribution in ceramic systems; mechanisms of mass and electrical transport in ceramic materials; types and mechanisms of sintering.
    Contents of exercisesSieve particle size analysis; particle size analysis by the Andreasen pipette; shrinkage during drying and sintering of ceramic material; theoretical density, apparent density, volume mass and porosity of sintered ceramic materials; obtaining a glass of given composition; diferential-termal analysis of obtained glass; examination of material behavior during heating by heating microscope; microstructure analysis of traditional and advanced ceramic materials by scening electron microscope; mineral phase identification by x-ray diffraction analysis.
    1. Beleške sa predavanja (Original title)
    2. R.Petrović, Interna skripta – Osnovi keramike i stakla, Katedra za NHT, 2006. (Original title)
    3. M.Tecilazić-Stevanović, Osnovi tehnologije keramike, Tehnološko-metalurški fakultet, Beograd, 1990. (Original title)
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    5. Y.M.Chiang, D.P.Birnie III, W.D.Kingery, Physical Ceramics – Principles for Ceramic Science and Engineering, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1997. (Original title)
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    Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
    Pre obligationsPointsFinal examPoints
    Activites during lecturesTest paper
    Practical lessons20Oral examination40