14HFI414 - Process design in bioprocess and pharmaceutical engineering

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Course titleProcess design in bioprocess and pharmaceutical engineering
Study programmeChemical Engineering
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    ConditionPhysical chemistryОблик условљености
    The goalIIntroduction of students to the basics of the process design, process scheme, sources of ; information for equipment and process design, material and energetic balances for process and ; equipment. Designe of CIP and SIP process, selection and designe of equipment for upstream, ; conversion and downstream procesess. Introduction to the use of Super Pro Designer for ; proces designe (WFI, pharmaceutical intermediar, proteine production and purification). ; Special care is given to the equipment for work in the sterile conditions. ;
    The outcomeStudents are enabled to correctly select particular equipment, dispose unit operations in ; optimal order, develop process scheme, solve material and energetic balances and perform ; technoeconomic analyze of process. Students are enabled to use Super Pro Designer for ; process design. Introduction of students in team work for better insight of role of engineer in ; project team. Enabling of students for project presentation in PowerPoint. ;
    Contents of lecturesProcess design, sources of information, P&I diagrams, scale up, standard and special-purpose equipment. Pipeline design, valve and pump selection, mixers, liofilizators for work in sterile conditions, different air classes in manufacturing zones CIP and SIP. Application of Super Pro Designer for preparation of process documentation.
    Contents of exercisesCalculation and selection of process equipment (bioreactors, separators, membrane separators, pipes, valves, pumps, chromatography). Selection and design of equipment for CIP and SIP. Use of Super Pro Designer for process scheme development and techno economical analyze.
    1. Bioprocesno inženjerstvo, M. Milivojević, V. Đorđević, B. Bugarski, V. Nedović, Akademska Misao 2013. (Original title)
    2. Projektovanje procesa u Biotehnologiji i biohemijskom inžinjerstvu, B.Bugarski, 2006, Akademska misao. (Original title)
    3. A. Hickey and D. Ganderton, Pharmaceutical Process Engineering, (Original title)
    4. M. Levin, Pharmaceutical Process Scale-Up (Original title)
    5. J. R. Couper, W. R. Penney , J. R. Fair, S. Walas Chemical Process Equipment, Second Edition: Selection and Design (Original title)
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    Practical lessonsOral examination40