14D009 - Materials for renewable energy sources

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Course titleMaterials for renewable energy sources
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalAcquiring high degree level knowledge of novel energy sources and developing an ability of interdisciplinary connections.
    The outcomeintroduction to physical characteristics of novel materials used in photo thermal, photovoltaic, hybrid and high-tempoerature conversion of Sun radiation. The level is of knowledge is sufficeint for student to individually (or in group) solve development and technological processes. This is necessary in order to have a clear insight into technical, ecological and political aspects of renewable energy sources utilization.
    Contents of lecturesEnergy, ecology and economics as world priorities. Materials for new and alternative energy sources. Solar energy; solar cell materials, solar technologies, solar plant systems. Alternative energy sources (water and wind energy, micro hydro-electro plants, energy of groundwater , lithosphere shock energy, volcano energy) and novel materials. Batteries and micro-batteries based on electronic ceramic materials. Batteries and corresponding systems for special purposes of portable devices and electrical and hybrid vehicles. Fuel cells based on solid oxides. Engineering in projecting and installment of systems and components of various energy sources as a step towards increased efficiency of energy exploitation. Global strategy of research and development of novel materials and alternative energy sources.
    Contents of exercisesWithin course, student get project tasks (free choice of the topic). The completed task should be presented through mathematical model of the problem, report and experuiment.
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