14D001 - Water in Thermal Power Plant

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Course titleWater in Thermal Power Plant
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      The goalThe aim of the course is that students learn methodologies and principles of water flow control (total management) in the thermal power plant starting from the water intake (rivers and wells) through the ultra pure water treatment up to waste water.
      The outcomeThe application of theoretical principles of two fields: water treatment technologies and quality control of water management in thermal power plants of Serbia.
      Contents of lecturesINTRODUCTION ; The importance of water in thermal power plants: water as a source of steam, cooling water that remove heat from the condenser, water as a medium for transport of ash and slag to the landfills, water as raw materials for the production of hydrogen and hot water in a thermal-heating power plants. ; Classification of water in thermal power plants which respect the degree of purity: raw water, decarbonized water, demineralized or deionized water, conditioned water, condensate and wastewater. ; ULTRAPURE WATER – purification, condition and chemical control: purification and preparation procedures, quality control. ; Treatment of row water from wells (groundwater) or rivers (surface water) by classic methods and modern techniques in the chemical treatment water plant. Monitoring and control of water quality by the control and diagnostic parameters. Conditioning of water. Characteristics of ultrapure water as corrosive medium in the water-steam cycle. ; WASTEWATER -TREATMENT AND QUALITY CONTROL ; Principles and procedures of collection, classification, treatment and discharge of wastewater. Recirculation of water. Treatment of oily wastewater. Quality control of wastewater and harmonization with environmental protection requirements, and sustainable development.
      Contents of exercises
      1. LJ.V.Rajaković, V.Šijački-Žeravčić, P.Stefanović at all, Corrosion of thermal power plant, Book 1, Kodeks, Belgrade (2002) ISBN 86-83871-02-9
      2. LJ.V.Rajaković, V.Šijački-Žeravčić, P.Stefanović at all, Corrosion potential of water, Book 2, Kodeks, Belgrade (2002) ISBN 86-83871-03-7
      3. V.N.Rajaković-Ognjanović, D.Z.Živojinović, B.N.Grgur, LJ.V.Rajaković, Improvement of chemical control in the water-steam cycle of thermal power plants, Appl. Therm. Eng., 31 (2011) 119-128
      4. D.Z.Živojinović, LJ.V.Rajaković, Application and validation of ion chromatography for the analysis of power plants water: analysis of corrosive anions in conditioned water-steam cycles, Desalination, 275 (2011) 17-25
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      Methods of teachingLectures (classically, PPT), seminars, tests, homework.
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      Activites during lecturesTest paper50
      Practical lessonsOral examination