MTET212 - Planning Woven Fabrics

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Course titlePlanning Woven Fabrics
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    ConditionPassed an exam: Design of Textile Materials.Облик условљености
    The goalStudents are introduced to parameters and properties considered to be important for the quality of woven fabrics during their usage. Students also learn about methods of the planning woven fabrics according to given structural parameters and desired properties of the material.
    The outcomeStudents are qualified for independent engineering planning woven fabrics of required characteristics.
    Contents of lecturesThe introductory part of the course contains concept and goal of the planning woven fabrics. Parameters of the woven structure which are essential for its planning are presented. In the continuation of the course, the impact of technological parameters on geometric and geometric on constructional parameters is explained. Characteristics of woven fabrics that might be considered to be important regardless of the purpose of woven fabrics application are presented. These characteristics are classified in three categories: aesthetic characteristics, physical-hygienic characteristics and characteristics related to the destruction of woven construction. The following methods of the planning woven fabrics are presented: planning woven fabric according to the given characteristic, planning similar fabrics and planning woven fabric according to the given sample. Surface mass, thickness, porosity and breaking strength are chosen for planning woven fabrics according to the given characteristic. Mentioned properties are considered almost standard properties for the characterization of woven fabric structure and for the estimation of its quality at use.
    Contents of exercisesCalculation of structural and geometrical parameters of fabrics, planning woven fabric based on the surface mass, planning woven fabric based on the thickness, planning woven fabric based on the breaking force, planning woven fabric based on the porosity, planning woven fabric based on the similar fabric.
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