MIN479 - Refractories

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Course titleRefractories
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalIntroduction to history, classification and application of refractory materials. Learnng about basic groups of refractories, their properties and application.
    The outcomeKnowledge of the basic properties and testing methods of refractory materials. Possibilities of right selection of refractory materials for specific application.
    Contents of lectures1. Introduction. History of the develompent of the refractories, Clasification, propseries and application. 2. Modern testing methods of refractories 3. Refractories based on silicon oxide 4. Refractories based on silicon oxide and alumina 5. Refractories based on chromite and magnesite 6. Refrcatories based on carbon and carbide 7. Spetial refractories 8. Selection and application of refractories
    Contents of exercisesLaboratory: introduction to testing methods
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    2. T.Volkov-Husović, Vatrostalni materijali : svojstva i primena, Beograd (Original title)
    3. G.W.Meetham & M.H. de Voorde, Materials for High Temperature Engineering Applications, Springer, 2000 (Original title)
    4. M.Bengisu, Engineering Ceramics, Springer, 2001 (Original title)
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