14MZH10 - Selected Chapters of Separation Processes

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Course titleSelected Chapters of Separation Processes
Study programmeChemical engineering
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    ConditionMass Transfer Unit OperationsОблик условљености
    The goalObjective of the course is to introduce students with selection and design of modern separation processes for multicomponent mixtures separation, to teach them to practically apply their knowledge and integrate their previous knowledge. The main goal is to teach students to correctly choose and integrate units in optimal separation process and to enable them to follow trends in this area. ;
    The outcomeStudents have learn to apply knowledge gained in this course on real examples of separations in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food and environmental industry. They are able to select separation process and equipment for any particular problem.
    Contents of lecturesPhase segregation. Equilibrium separation processes - phase equilibrium, equipment for Extraction, Leaching, Adsorption, Ionic exchange, Chromatography, Crystallization, Drying. Rate separation processes - membrane separation (Micro and Ultra filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Dialysis), electrical separations (Electrodiayisis, Electrophoresis). Separation process selection - basic principles for correct selection and organization of unit operation and equipment for optimization of separation process. High pressure processes - extraction and particle generation using supercritical fluids. ;
    Contents of exercisesPractical parti include examles of calculation and selection of diferent equilibrium and rate separation processes (Extraction, Leaching, Adsorption, Ionic exchange, Chromatography, Crystallization, Drying, Micro and Ultra filtration, Reverse Osmosis, DialysisElectrodiayisis, Electrophoresis.
    1. Сепарациони процеси, Срђан Пејановић, Академска Мисао, 2009
    2. Биопроцесно инжењерство, Милан Миливојевић, Верица Ђорђевић, Бранко Бугарски, Виктор Недовић, 2013
    3. Handbook of Separation process technology, Ronald Rousseau, John Willey and Sons, 1987
    4. Coulson and Richardson’s CHEMICAL ENGINEERING VOLUME 2, FIFTH EDITION, Butterworth Heinemann, 2002.
    5. SEPARATION PROCESS PRINCIPLES, Chemical and Biochemical Operations, THIRD EDITION, J. D. Seader, Ernest J. Henley, D. Keith Roper, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2011
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    Methods of teachingLectures, presentations, calculations, consultations
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    Activites during lectures10Test paper
    Practical lessonsOral examination50