14MMI8 - Powder metallurgy-Selected chapter

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Course titlePowder metallurgy-Selected chapter
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      The goalIntroduction to the basic principles of the science of sintering, impact of the process of synthesis of their structure and properties of sintered materials. Acquiring engineering knowledge required to independent performing engineering calculations of parameters for obtaining various types of powders and sintered parts, exploring experimental techniques and independent research, control and governance of processes in sintered metallurgy, further training in the field of powder metallurgy and sintered materials.
      The outcomeThe course provides the necessary knowledge to understand the process of powder metallurgy, students training to plan experimental studies, modeling and simulation of the sintering process, new technologies and methods of obtaining the material properties with predicted properties. Engineering knowledge necessary for further development and experimental activities in the field of obtaining special powders and composite powders recycling and environmental protection.
      Contents of lecturesAdvanced production technology of metal powders. Methods for the characterization of metal powders. Basic characteristics of individual particles and powders. Nanostructured powders. Densification of powders and compacting design, process parameters, quality compacts. Mechanical alloying, obtaining metal oxide composite powders. Sintering of metal powders. Mechanisms, structures and properties. Sintering in the solid phase. Sintering in the liquid phase. Activated sintering. The quality of the sintered product. Hot isostatic pressing. Production of advanced functional materials. Getting metal ceramic composites from solution. SEM, TEM characterization of powders.
      Contents of exercisesGetting metal ceramic composites from solution. SEM, TEM characterization of powders.
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      4. Mechanical Alloying for Fabrication of Advanced Engineering Materials, El-Eskandarany, M.S., William Andrew Publishing, 2001, NY, 260.
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      Methods of teachingTheoretical classes and lectures, practical lectures in laboratory. Seminar paper.
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      Activites during lectures15Test paper55
      Practical lessons15Oral examination