14IIM315 - Natural Polymer Materials

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Course titleNatural Polymer Materials
Study programmeMaterial Engineering
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalAcquisition of basic knowledge about the specifics of the industrial treatment and processing of natural polymers. Procedures for obtaining materials and products from natural polymers. Gaining knowledge about the behavior, the extent of use and recycling of materials made from natural polymers.
    The outcomeStudents recognize the specifics of obtaining materials from natural polymers and differences in processing procedures compared to conventional polymeric materials. Students develop the skills to competently and in an organized way access the problem ,and the ability to select the most appropriate natural polymeric material, especially as an environmentally favorable alternative to the other materials.
    Contents of lecturesPolysaccharides - The recent development of industry technical cellulose and its processing products (paper, viscose, cellulose derivatives) in the country and abroad. Starch - starch processing for non-food purposes, starch-based materials, specifics of equipment for the processing of starch. Other polysaccharides - alginate, chitosan and pectin, the procedures of obtaining polymer membranes based on these materials and their applications. - Rubber - industrial operations and procedures in production. Calculations of the formulation for rubber mixture. Application and selection of materials based on rubber. - Materials from other natural polymers - Aging, degradation and recycling of natural polymers
    Contents of exercisesComputational exercise: calculation of basic appliances and devices in the procedures of obtaining materials based on natural polymers. Mass balance, heat and power balance for individual processes. Characterization of materials based on natural polymers
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